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Musicians Custom Earplugs

I decided to create a section for this because I often get questions about what they are and where did I get my Musicians Custom Earplugs. And I think it's important to take care of your hearing especially as a musician. The Vancouver Hearing Center is where I got mine. Those earplugs are molded to your ears and are equiped with interchangeable attenuators. The attenuators don't cut frequencies, unlike foam earplugs, they just lower the volume. The earmolds are smooth and comfortable and they don't pop out. You have three different attenuators:

- ER-9 (-9dB)
- ER-15 (-15dB)
- ER-25 (-25dB)

I personally use the ER-15 in club gigs but I also have the ER-25 for when I go see arena shows. I highly recommend that you get a pair.

Vancouver Hearing Centre
#110 - 805 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC - 604.873.9525
Email: info@vancouverhearingcentre.com
Musicians Custom Earplugs