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Let me create unique bass grooves for your next recording

During all my years of playing live I also have gained experience in the studio. I have my own home studio where I can record high quality tracks for any type of recording. Nowadays with the technology at hand there's two ways I can do your session. I can either go to the studio of your choice or I can do an e-session at home.

What an e-session consists of is basically me recording my bass in my home studio. You send me your song file with directions on what you want (tone, effects...etc.) and once I record my bass in sync with your song, I send you back my file in WAV format. You now have a quality bass track that you can edit as much as you need.

Don't hesitate to contact me for your next song or album.

Here's a list of the gear I use.

You can listen to some of my previous sessions.
Reggie Hache, Bass Electric on SoundBetter